The Push Project  

We started the Push project on a six hour car journey.  Like all great ideas it can be surmised in a punch line: Why does great design have to be exclusive?  That is what started our debate and why we started this company.

Andrew and Michael met in design school and love good design.  Michael’s family have been in the jewellery industry for three generations and he is constantly wondering ‘why is young design talent not embraced?’.  Andrew has always struggled with the concept that good design implies exclusivity.

The idea that was born in that car was “Why not give young talented designers an opportunity and at the same time bring great design to the masses”.

What’s different about Push?  Push is about movement and direction, it's about going somewhere.  But not gently.  Push implies pressure.  Push is here to give young designers the nudge to push their way through the crowd.  What’s different is that Push promotes great design for the masses, its about massclusivity.  To do that Push flipped the model bringing products straight from the designers to the consumer. Cutting out the middlemen, the expenses and the profit so that the winner is the person who buys the product.

The Push initiative doesn't start and end with just the product. Everything about Push will follow this ethos, from the talents involved in the design of the packaging, the production of the displays, to the driver delivering the finished product.  Each piece will be designed by up and coming designers so that Push is always at the forefront of creativity.

We welcome our first products, Push Watches: Push Rainbow and Push Night&Day.  The Push Off. 

When you look at your Push logo every day, remember to always Push your expectations.

Life is short, make something of yours.  Create Genius.

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