How long will delivery take?

We use the Irish postal service and normally it takes 4-5 working days to reach you but we apologise in advance if there are any unexpected issues, we will always try and email you if your order will take longer.

Is it gift wrapped?

Our watches come in a beautiful box designed by the award winning graphic designer Conor Wynne, which is based on Japanese Origami so that there is no glue, meaning they are better for the environment. All the instructions, guarantee and details are printed on the inside so there is no wasted paper or junk booklets (we hate wasted paper).  It took us six months to design but now we ask ourselves if every company tried this hard to be sustainable the world might be a better place!

There is a different box for Push Rainbow and Push Night&Day and they are both beautiful (at least we think so).  We put this box inside a brown shipping box for protection.

Check them out below:

What does the LED light look like?

Take a look, it's a cool bright blue on the Night&Day watches, while the Rainbow collection has a white display.

Anything else your worried about before ordering?  

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